Why Bespoke Finish

Luxurious finishing solutions are essential for architects, designers and applicators. We create custom solutions and products to enhance your projects - and expand your ability to deliver solutions for discerning clients. 

  • We provide innovative, customized finishing solutions, with a process that can be applied to wood, metal, plastic and more. This allows us to transform these materials into something beautiful for residential and commercial spaces in a way that enhances any atmosphere 
  • We deliver luxurious, artisanal quality finishes for your projects. Imagine the possibilities when you combine exceptional craftsmanship with elegant, custom finishes that truly bring your vision to life
  • We train your applicators to meticulously craft and apply those finishes on site to take your projects to completion effortlessly
  • We offer elevated products. Through partnerships with innovative brands like VeroMetal® and customized solutions we've created for the market at large, you can trust that our finishes will set the standard for any project you can imagine.