VeroMetal® in North America

Design freely in metal

As the VeroMetal® authorized partner in North America, Bespoke Finish is proud to offer VeroMetal® in the US and Canada. You can use it to achieve unique designs where a real metal finish is desired across unlimited surfaces. Façades, walls, floors, furniture, works of art, or construction elements will take on the authentic characteristics of metal.  

This cold liquid metal can be sprayed, applied with a palette knife, rolled and poured. It can be finished with a matt, rusty, shiny or textured surface. It produces a premium metal finish for any surface that is strong, durable, and lightweight with a luxurious look. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. 

Interior and exterior design and architecture are just the beginning. VeroMetal® is used by superyacht builders and designers, plasterers, furniture makers, artists, and in industrial manufacturing such as OEM applications. Its application flexibility and lighter weight can solve many design problems where a distinctive metal finish is desired. 

Bespoke Finish currently offers VeroMetal® in 12 different metals in the US and Canada shown here. 

For more product information and ideas for design and application possibilities visit the VeroMetal® website. 

VeroMetal® Products are available to purchase online under Products.