Elevating design

Your vision brought to life

At Bespoke Finish, we educate our clients as to what is actually attainable in fine finishes. Our goal is to enable you to make an informed decision based on what you want and not settle for what the industry tells you is beautiful. If you have never seen what is possible, how can you

Creative collaboration

You’re only limited by your imagination

The Bespoke Finish approach to finish design allows for creating the exact desired color. Creating custom samples for your projects begins with a conversation to discuss your goals. What style, theme, time period, etc., do you want? We interpret the information gathered and create a unique color and process for each surface to be finished.


Luxury at your fingertips

Refine your finish outcomes

Bespoke Finish can assess finish dilemmas and provide a pathway to solving problems that allows for seamless color continuity or a bold transition. We create customized solutions using a variety of coatings to produce the exceptional surface you desire.

Why Bespoke Finish

Luxurious finishing solutions are essential for architects, designers and applicators. We create custom solutions and products to enhance your projects - and expand your ability to deliver solutions for discerning clients. 

  • We provide innovative, customized finishing solutions, with a process that can be applied to wood, metal, plastic and more. This allows us to transform these materials into something beautiful for residential and commercial spaces in a way that enhances any atmosphere 
  • We deliver luxurious, artisanal quality finishes for your projects. Imagine the possibilities when you combine exceptional craftsmanship with elegant, custom finishes that truly bring your vision to life
  • We train your applicators to meticulously craft and apply those finishes on site to take your projects to completion effortlessly
  • We offer elevated products. Through partnerships with innovative brands like VeroMetal® and customized solutions we've created for the market at large, you can trust that our finishes will set the standard for any project you can imagine.


Achieving exquisite results

This antique gaming table is an example of how Robert's approach produces a finish unlike most others. In the before photo the table had been previously restored using an industry approach known as "toning" to even out and enhance colors, hide repairs, and other treatments which obscure the natural tones. The after photo shows the results of Robert's approach using organic materials to celebrate and reveal the wood. Even the repairs have disappeared. Achieving stunning results is possible through thinking “outside the stain can”.


Martha Dayton

President and Principal Designer at Martha Dayton Design

Robert Chickey is exceptional at all things related to wood and
finishes. We use him quite frequently to match finishes, recommend processes, come up with a stain that nobody else can do and to think outside the box for us on projects where we want something unique. Our clients are always grateful for his knowledge and the results!

Christine Frisk, ASID

Principal and Founder at InUnison Design

When working with Robert, the hurdles are never about can we do it, but rather, what formula will it take to accomplish the goal. Robert always goes above the requirement.  He is wonderfully dedicated to the results he desires – for the client – and also for himself since he has such a strong design and work ethic. Once you experience that kind of custom craftsmanship, you know it's all you will ever be satisfied with.

Terry Sweeney

President at Black Wolf Design

I have worked with Robert on a
number of occasions, hiring him to work with some of my staff in the finishing area. He has great knowledge on color theory and the science behind the processes.

Robert has a wealth of knowledge in finishing, what works, what doesn't, and in trouble shooting as issues arise. He's been a great help to us and we will continue to use his company as the need arises.