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Our services are rooted in the value that a client’s vision should be realized, not compromised. Regardless of complexity, we pioneer solutions—such as—finishing Red Oak to look like White Oak, creating continuity in a room with multiple species of millwork and finishing hard woods like Maple, without splotching.

Engaging Bespoke Finish™ during the design phase of your project increases our ability to optimize your results and minimize costs. We advise on value engineering, finishing possibilities, substrate selection, wood species decisions, environmental concerns, labor and training estimates, sample creation and more.

Our finishes and application processes combine to enhance your vision and make a profound impact on the durability, reparability, and longevity of your finishing projects.

Our Services

Color Palettes, Color Matching & Sample Creation

It’s not necessary to redesign a concept because you can’t find the right hue, or abandon a repair because you can’t match the color–we have the expertise to solve these problems. Whether you need a single color or an entire palette, we will work with you to understand the result you want and deliver a sample that meets your needs.

Our Services

Finishing Formulations & Application Instructions

We create finishing solutions for nearly any surface–each customized for your project, your substrate, and your environment. Our finishes are durable, colorfast, and stand up to the test of time. We provide:

Our Services

Onsite Training & Coaching

To assure successful application of your Bespoke Finish™ we highly recommend including at least one onsite visit early in the application process. Even your advanced finishers may not be familiar with all the techniques used in the Bespoke Finish Method™. Onsite training and coaching can help minimize product usage, reduce errors, and decrease the cost of re-work.

Our Services

Finishing Services

When a consultation isn’t enough, we offer comprehensive finishing services with a team of advanced finishers selected by us. We can also refer you to finishers that we trust to have the skills needed to complete your projects.

We'll Bring Your Design Vision To Life

We’re your partner in aesthetic excellence. Offering premium wood and VeroMetal finishing products, training, and consultation, we provide the essential elements for you to shape spaces with your unique style.