About VeroMetal®

VeroMetal® is metal, therefore it has the optical and physical properties of metal. It is a cold-workable liquid metal which can be applied to virtually any surface to create a metal veneer by spraying, rolling, pouring, using a palette knife or trowel. This strong, durable, lightweight coating can be used for interiors, exteriors and in wet environments.

Value engineering opportunities with VeroMetal®

VeroMetal Variations

Customize Colors & Texture

We offer 12 metals to inspire innovation:

VeroMetal Variations

12 Varieties of VeroMetal® are Available

VeroMetal CAS Training

Certified Application Specialist Training

We offer VeroMetal® Certified Application Specialist training classes and private training sessions in the US and Canada.

VeroMetal Specialists

VeroMetal® Certified Application Specialists

Bespoke Finish has trained and certified VeroMetal® application specialists throughout the US and in Canada. These certified application specialists have demonstrated the elevated finishing skills necessary to properly apply VeroMetal® to achieve a real metal finish for your projects. These specialists have expertise in spray or plaster applications or both.

The following companies have VeroMetal® Certified Application Specialists available to help you with your design projects. You may contact the company directly or contact us to inquire about specialists near you.