"Bespoke" Defined

"Bespoke" (bǝ' spōk) making and selling products, or providing services, specially customized for a particular person, organization, or purpose.

Why Bespoke Finish

Engaging us in the earliest stage of your project—while you are refining your vision and developing your design—is the ideal time for us to help you optimize your results and minimize your costs. Here is how it works: Based on your vision, Bespoke FinishTM evaluates the chemical and physical make-up of the surface to be coated, the environment in which the finish will be applied, the structure surrounding the project and applicator talent required. Applying artistic skill and color-theory expertise, we formulate stable, repeatable, long-lasting finishes—which include step boards that demonstrate the outcome for each step. Also provided are step-by-step mixing formulas and application processes to ensure a consistent, beautiful finish. Read more about the services we offer.


Created by nature, enhanced with art and science.

We design finishes to celebrate what nature started by revealing natural surfaces—never concealing them. We will transform your blank canvas into a masterpiece that surpasses your imagination.

Meet The Team

Our Team

Robert Chickey

President and Founder

Lisa Blanchard

Chief Operating Officer

Chade Turner

Training & Technical Representative
Meet Our Partners


Jim Carrigan

Owner, Jeco Inc Custom Wood Finishing

Jesse Boiangiu

Vice-President, Abbot Paint & Varnish


Ciaran Cassidy

Co-Founder, NYC Fine Finishes

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