Wood Finish

Finish Design

Created by Nature, Enhanced with Art & Science

Bespoke Finish™ collaborates with you on the design and development of interior and exterior finishes for commercial and residential settings. Our experience with the design, build and finish sides of construction, renovation, and restoration gives us insight into what materials are best suited for interior or exterior applications. We provide guidance on selecting wood species and color theory to assure your design vision is realized, not compromised.

Blue Finish on White Oak
Blue finish on white oak
White Finish on Eastern White Pine
White finish on Eastern White Pine
Red color preserved on Flame Box Elder
Red color preserved on Flame Box Elder
Black Finish on White Oak
Black finish on White Oak
VeroMetal Copper Inlay on Walnut
VeroMetal Copper inlay on Walnut
Finish Design

Custom Finishes

Each Bespoke Finish™ finish is customized to achieve your desired design outcome, formulated with materials curated from around the world, and applied with the highest standards to create enduring fine finishes. Because we do not use conventional products, we offer unlimited colors, sheens and textures. Our finishes are comprised of multiple layers, each with a specific intent to produce stunning results.

Finish Design

Distinctive Capabilities

The Bespoke Finish Method™ offers an innovative alternative to accepted, standard application practices within the finishing industry. Our techniques and materials are customized for each project to deliver amazing, one-of-a-kind results. Following are examples of our distinctive capabilities: