Patina, Blue Green, 445

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Blue Green Verde # 445- is a chemical solution that speeds up the natural aging process of Copper, Brass and Bronze and provides a beautiful Blue Green Verde Patina directly on the surface of the metal. This process does not require previous treatment with antiquing solutions. However, the metal needs to be cleaned and free of grease, oil, sealers, waxes and/or paint. Some specific applications include lighting fixtures, furniture, jewelry and other artistic creations and this process is especially popular for copper roofs and copper gutters.
Parts must be free of grease, alkalinity, or acid when Blue Green 445 is applied. Parts must be thoroughly cleaned and deoxidized prior to blackening. Cleaner 104 is recommended for removing heavy oils and oxidation. Do not use petroleum-degreasing solvents that leave a residue on the surface. Rinse thoroughly with overflowing cold water to remove residual cleaners and dust. It is important that alkaline cleaners are completely rinsed off prior to blackening.

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