A beautiful finish relies on both the quality of the product being used and the applicator using it. To achieve an extraordinary outcome Bespoke Finish trains professional finishers in the use of VeroMetal® products, as well as advanced wood finishing and the use of custom wood finishes designed by us.

We offer instruction for skilled finishers and companies who are interested in achieving an elevated outcome. Training can be conducted at Bespoke Finish’s workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US, or at Jeco Inc Custom Wood Finishing in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, or at your facility, customized to address your needs. We also train your selected vendors on the processes used to apply our finishes at your project site. Our courses teach based on the Bespoke Finish Method™ to create extraordinary custom finishes for your clients. 

Contact us to inquire about training opportunities.

VeroMetal® Certified Application Specialist Training

The VeroMetal® Certified Application Specialist (CAS) training is a 2-day course that introduces the professional finisher to the proper use of VeroMetal® products. It is the foundation needed to ensure you get the maximum effect when finishing surfaces with VeroMetal®. Finishers who successfully complete the course will become certified.

Custom Wood Finishing Training

Bespoke Finish offers small group training on wood finishing topics to professional finishers and applicators. From creating historically accurate wood finishes to applying modern coatings, Bespoke Finish training can help you achieve exceptional finishes that will become a focal point of your work and set you apart from other finishers.