Patina, Brown, C-1

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Brown C-1 is a concentrated chemical solution that develops a chocolate dark Brown finish on Copper, Brass and Bronze at room temperature. Brown C-1 is used primarily for decorative purposes to produce light brown to dark, brown finishes.
Procedures: Clean the part with Cleaner 104. Important: Parts must be free of grease or acids when immersed in Brown C-1 solution. Rinse thoroughly with water. Immerse pieces in Brown C-1 for the time necessary to achieve the desired color. For small parts, stainless steel or plastic baskets should be used and often simple tumbling is sufficient. Rinse thoroughly with overflowing cold water, to stop chemical reaction. The finish is easily achieved by brushing or by mechanical polishing to produce a variety of antique finishes. Tumble or vibrate the parts in sawdust to produce a uniform finish. Large pieces can be wiped dry or buffed. It is recommended that a clear coating be applied to the coating to provide maximum life.

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